Your Stategy Session is Schedule...But There Are A Few More Things We Need to Reserve Your Spot

Please scroll down and read the rest of the details so you are prepared for our Strategy Session.

Strategy Sessions are RESERVED for Doctor/Practice Owners Exclusively.

A key team member or spouse is invited to sit in with you during your session AT YOUR DISCRETION  as your guest. I only offer a limited number of these freer sessions so I want to make sure we are only talking to the owner/decision maker for the practice during the session.   If the doctor doesn't attend, the session will be cancelled and another opportunity will not be extended.

In preparation for our strategy session, please make sure you have watched the following training.

If at any time you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

This Is What Our Clients Say...

Meet Dr. Keith Myers, DDS-Springfield, MO

Dr. Myers has a humble practice in Springfield, MO and considers himself to be a 'bread and butter practice'.  His patients are typical blue-collar, middle of America patients.

In an interview with Dr. Ginger, Keith described himself having been burned in the past by other dental consultants, and even though he knew all the systems that should be in place his biggest hang-ups were:  himself, team and practice management, and marketing.

"We had about a 30% increase in revenue in the first six months of the program.  It was a good decision because you were offering what I needed.  I’ve had a management consultant before, all the things were place but it just wasn’t clicking, it wasn’t working.  So we needed to add the marketing, Facebook, promotions, mailings, things like that.  We had not done anything like that and for me that was a really difficult step to take but we’ve accomplished that with you.  With you helping to kind of prod and push me along, and that’s what I needed."

Meet Dr. Stephanie Aldrich, DDS-Akron, OH

Dr. Aldrich has a small practice in Akron, OH where she has been in practice for 20 years.

Stephanie will be the first to tell you she plays the martyr in running her dental practice, which was the biggest hurdle Dr. Bratzel worked to help her overcome.

“I’ve been in the Mastermind and Coaching Program for just one month.  And in the last month (my first month in the program) I’ve had one of our biggest months EVER.  My numbers went up and all I had to do was work on 3 simple things.  I got my return on investment the very first month.  Now everything else is gravy for me.”