3 Ways To Grow Your Practice With TEAM

You don't have to do it alone.....that's what your team is for.

One mistake that most dentists make is trying to do everything on their own, which leaves less time for them to focus on the most important thing…their patients.

However, you can’t just delegate these responsibilities to anyone, that’s why it’s so crucial to have to the right team to back you up.

Once you can be sure that you have the most competent team members and that you can entrust them to help you with everything you need to run a successful practice, you can take a deep breath and be confident that you have a practice that can run smoothly without being dependent on only the doctor.

Getting The Right People On The Bus For Your Dental Team

You can be the best dentist in the world but if you don’t have the right team to back you up, it can really make or break your practice.

Building a good team is very important for running any successful practice.  Every team member is a superstar in their own right, but you have ask yourself if they particularly right for the role they fill in your office?  If a team member isn’t performing top notch maybe they are not right for that particular position.

Long-term team members might reach a stage in the practice growth where things aren’t going as well.  They might not be comfortable with the direction that the office is now taking, which in turn can cause friction in the office.

No one can be successful without proper training and clarity of their role within the business.  Make sure your team members are fully trained and are in the right position for both you and them.

But sometimes, even after all of that they still might not be the right fit.  If this is the case, you need to be honest with not only yourself and but the team member as well.  I believe everyone is a superstar in their own right but they just need to find their place to shine, and that may not always be in your office.  Nothing personal against you or them, just a reality.

Keeping someone that doesn’t want to be there will only hurt your practice in the long run.  It not only cheats the team member out of being somewhere they can succeed but it cheats you too.

Once you are able to remove the bad energy, you will open the door for positive energy to come in and create growth in your practice.  Don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to improve the dynamic of your office.

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Increasing Results With Dental Team Incentives

Dental team success is important for attracting new patients, and incentivizing your team members is a great place to start.  Getting everyone in the office excited and bringing in positive energy is an excellent way to motivate them, while also making the office a fun and happy place to be.

While you may be thinking, ‘I have already given them a wonderful job.  I pay them well and they get benefits.’  That isn’t exactly what I mean.  Dental team incentives are not only about money but it is sometimes about competition.

We all like games, we have them on our phone, we play sports, and we play with our kids.  Why are they so important?  Because we all like a little (or a lot) competition.  And these same principles can be applied to grow your practice by incentivizing and refreshing our staff with games.

One easy incentivizing game that we did in my practice that worked really well is having a daily draw.  It is super easy to set up.  Determine what your daily average production is and add a hundred dollars to it.  Each team member has to work to reach that production goal.  Each team member that meets their goal for the day gets to draw from a hat.

You can have them select an envelope or Easter egg from a basket with small monetary prizes.  Most envelopes will have $10 or so, but there will be a large prize with maybe $100.  Which is where the enticement comes in.  Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to win $100 every day by simply doing the job they should be doing already?

Make sure to keep the ratios right.  If you have 5 team members, you should have at least 15 eggs in there.

You can even start to raise the stakes if everyone is consistently hitting their goal.  Say, if everyone hits the goal 3 days in a row double the big prize to $200.  Can you imagine the excitement in the office from your team if they knew at the end of the day they could win $200?

But don’t worry, you’re not losing money on this.  The trick is the daily production goal is also increasing by $100 each day.  So as the pot increase so does the production you are taking in.  So even though you are giving away money to your team each day, you are also steadily increasing your daily production without any extra work on you, the doctor.

You will be surprised how your production will increase through this dental marketing strategy without pushing anyone but making it fun.  You can also keep the excitement by switching it up occasionally and giving them movie tickets, events tickets, or gift cards.

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Systems Build Predictable Success

Success is based on systems, and while that may seem like it has nothing to do with your team, that isn’t true.  You can’t have systems if you don’t have a strong team to pull them off and vise-versa.

But on the flip side, you can have the best team in the world but lack the proper systems and you will not be successful.  The two go hand-in-hand, they are both equally important.

By relying on your team alone for success, you are setting yourself and them up for failure.  Both of you need a systems to get reliable results from your efforts.

Just like when you are in the dental school, you had a schedule, you had a procedure manual on how to do everything, and you knew how everything went.  Because of that, you learned how to treat patients; you learned the step-by-step processes.  It happened the same every time and there was repeatable results from your efforts.  Everything was there, the instructions and steps for consistency.

Personally, when I started the business aspect, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing in that department because no one had taught me this before.  I had to figure that out what that was exactly and put it in a manual so it would happen the same way each day.

When I started working in marketing, I found out quickly most offices had zero to very little systems to implement this aspect of their business growth on a monthly basis.  While, I know building a manual can be a pain in the you-know-what, it is still a necessary thing needed in every business.

This is something I know will take time, so give yourself permission now to build it up over time.  But as your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks come up, take the time to write-up the procedure and who’s responsibility it is to complete it and how often it should be done.

In my office, we keep a folder of documents in our Dropbox file, which everyone has access to.  So it is very easy to go into the Operations Manual folder and find the topic for each task, and see exactly how it should be done.  And, since it is in Word document on the computer it is easy to update if the procedure changes.

If there are team changes, say someone moves, then everything is in that central place for the next person step right in.  Once they are created manuals can really speed up the transition of bringing in a new team member, making your office more efficient.  When you have the proper systems in place, it will be easier for the next person to step in and hit the ground running.

One of the hardest aspects of business growth is getting and keeping the momentum going.  So if you are always stopping and starting things can stall and that can become frustrating.  But if you have systems that are easily accessible that will make it easier on you and your team to keep traction.

The key is to get your systems down even if it takes you awhile to get them established.  So build your systems for every aspect of your business and don’t rely exclusively on your team alone.  Remember a team is more successful if they have a system to follow, so make sure you are giving them that system.

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