When It Comes To Filling Your Dental Schedule, It's Important To Understand:

"Not All Patients Are The Same"

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There are different types of appointments in your office, and they each have different time requirements, as well as Return on Your Investment. (A healthy 30 yr. old male in for a 6 -month hygiene recare appointment has different needs than a 58 your old women that needs and wants full mouth reconstructions.)

By treating every prospect and patient at the same value, it does little for allowing you maximize your marketing to create specific and targeted campaigns that will attract more patients and have more case acceptance to fill your schedule.

By identifying your current patients groups as well as planning what type of patients you want to attract more of in the future, it will allow you to gain control of your production day.

This resource will walk you through the process of LASER FOCUSING in on WHO you should be attracting