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We all know that attracting more patients is crucial to growing your practice, but how exactly do you attract the ideal patients for you?

It’s no secret that in order to grow a successful practice, there has to be patients to cater to.  But more specifically you want them to be your target dental patients.

The difficult part of this is, what does it take to get patients to come to you rather than your competition?  So, that points out two major points you need to hit.  One, how to stand out from the crowd.  And two, how to narrow that crowd down to the ideal patients that are right for your unique practice.

In other words, you want to get them to come to you rather than chasing them down.  To do that, you need to find out where your target patients are already hanging out and start there.

Value of Just One Patient

If I could wave a magic wand and bring you a 1000 new patients a month would it really solve all your problems?

I’m all about laying down the foundation work.  So, I feel like before you can appreciate masses of patients you need to understand the value that just one patient can really hold in your practice.

Let’s zoom way in and look at the value of just one single new patient….

A lot of times, even if you are doing a really great job of bringing in new patients, there is a bigger issue being over looked. You might have new patients coming in the front door, but your existing patients are slipping out the back without anyone noticing.

Now you may say, “Oh, they never accepted any care and weren’t spending much money with us anyway.”  But that is where I want to point out the value of having a lifetime patient.

If a patient doesn’t accept treatment from you at this moment, at some point in their lifetime, they will accept some level of care.  And if spent the time to market to them, educate them, present the options, and they leave, then you will have done all the work for someone else.  All of your time, money, and efforts have been lost.  Because eventually they will have that care done down the road….at someone else’s office.

I want you to look at it like going to your favorite restaurant and getting your favorite waiter.  When you come in, they already know who you are and what you want.  Your long time patients should get that same treatment.

Talk to them like friend and know things about them, ‘Hi Susan, how was your vacation with Tom and the kids?’

These type of small gestures can really go a long way.  And even better by building that relationship with them it will make them in turn clone themselves, because they will refer as their friends and family for simply being the amazing dentist that you are.

Your role is to continue to build a relationship and follow up with them over time.  So when they do decide to do that dentistry you’re already there.

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Fishing Where The Fish Are

Like with anything, there are better ways to use dental marketing strategies to ‘catch’ more new dental patients.  Obviously you want to attract more patients, but if you are marketing to the wrong people in the wrong place, you are essentially wasting your time and resources doing so.  You need to figure out where your ideal patients are.

Which is why I love using the analogy of “fishing where the fish are”, which means finding the spot where your specific target patients are already hanging out and putting yourself there.  If you really want to grow your practice or do target niche marketing, you have to be where your ideal patients are.

In real life, if you are fishing in a wrong place or with the wrong bait, you won’t catch anything.   The same applies principles with dental marketing.  You can have the perfect marketing piece but if you are ‘fishing’ in the wrong spot, you can’t won’t any patients.  Your marketing will fail each and every time.  Which is the most common mistake I see when dentists tell me their marketing isn’t working.

You have to know where exactly to position yourself to be found by your ideal patients.  The “where and who” of dental marketing makes up 60% of your campaign’s success.

In order for this to work you have to be using the right dental marketing strategy to bring them in.  Meaning, what entices your target audience?  What are their specific needs or desires that they have and what benefits do they really want?  Do they have issues with loose fitting dentures or embarrassed by their smile?  These types the of pain points for them that you need to address for them.

Which ties in the last key to making this all work and that is using their words.  Stop converting their words to ‘dentalese’.  If they are telling you ‘I have a bad tooth’, don’t run an ad saying ‘Have a dental emergency?’.  Your ad should say exactly what they are saying, ‘Do you have a bad tooth?’  When you use their words, it resonates with them and that is where the magic happens.

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Using Demographic Data To Get More New Dental Patients

It’s good to get your marketing out there in a big way, but it might not always be profitable.  A good way to narrow down your list of target patients is through their demographic information.  Once you have an idea of which demographic of patients is more suited to your practice, you can spend your time specifically marketing to them.

I received this question from a dentist named Kevin which said, “Dear Ginger, I just sent out a huge mailing of about 1600 postcards from my area and I didn’t get any response out of it. What suggestions do you have?”

One of the things that came to my mind, and I think every reader needs to take note, is “Who did you send it to?”  And when I asked Kevin that, he said, “I send it to a list I got from a mail broker”.  Buying a mailing list can definitely provide information and give you a place to start, but what information are you asking them for and what are you getting?

Most of the time, our marketing target lists goes under the criteria of “demographics”.  For example, if you are doing implant marketing, you should be marketing to a certain age appropriate group, somewhere in the 45 to 69 age range would be a good place to start.  That would be the first criteria in demographics.  You wouldn’t want to send that ad to a blanket list of prospects who are possibly as young as 18.

Your money would be entirely wasted, they would see your postcard and immediately throw it in the trash because it doesn’t apply to them.

Then I asked Kevin about the kind of household he had his mailing sent to.  It was only categorized by zip code, which is very general.  When I dove a little deeper and asked about the types of income levels these areas had, he had no clue.

So before you send out a mailing, I want to you really think of what you’re sending out and who you are hoping responds to the ad.  If you’re a cosmetic dentist who works primarily on women, try targeting female home owners because they are more likely to buy and they are also the decision makers in the household.

Meaning, there are things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a list to be most effective.  Which is why we go through a good list broker or some other source when we are sending out external marketing.  One that is able to provide you with a list broken down by basic demographics like age, gender, and income.

Which is why I always tell my clients to go back to your core patient pool.  Why don’t you go through and see who is your best clients are within your existing practice, then try to figure out what things they have in common to attract more people just like them?

See where they come from, what zip codes they are live in, occupations they have, hobbies, how many family members they have, what kind of organizations they belong to, all these little channels you can explore to create a more customized data list.

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