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With ZERO New Patients

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A Growing Practice Requires Patients.  PERIOD!

But getting new patients is time consuming and expensive.  The average cost of a new patient in marketing dollars is $25-200/PER patient.

The average dental practice in the US has between 3-10 millions of incomplete dental treatment in its patients' charts.

When It Comes To Treatment Plan Conversion, You've Already Done Most Of The Work

  • Treatment you have already diagnosed.
  • Patient relationships you've already invested in.
  • Time you spent educating them on what they need.

The only thing you are missing is the proven steps to get them to come back and say "YES"

To Get More Patients To Agree To More Dentistry It Requires 3 Things: 

  • What You Say
  • How You Say It
  • And WHEN To Say It To Them


It's Your Time To Turn That TREATMENT Into Production and Give Patients The Care They Need...

What You Get With The 90 Day Challenge

  • Complete Patient/Team Communication System.
  • 90 days worth of team training delivered in (3) bite size chunks of 45-minute modules. Each is filled with multiple strategies and action plans for immediate implementation.
  • MP3 audio delivered to your inbox to listen in the car or to play directly for trainings during office meetings with your entire team.
  • Written transcripts of all the training, for your scripting and office manual.

What You Create With-In The 90 Day Challenge

  • Proven advantage for your practice to help more patients to get the treatment they already want and need
  • Team resource tool that makes it clear on everyone's role in the office to increase your case conversion
  • Strategy to control your schedule and your practice bank account

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I didn't have to make a lot of major changes.  I was able to add a couple extra procedures each day that wasn't on the schedule.  I would go through  the script and they would say 'Sure'.

That's how I got my results.  It was pretty easy."

Dr. Stephanie Aldrich, Fairlawn, OH

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