Is It Possible to Go From  $600,000 A Year To Almost $3 Million In Your Dental Practice...FAST?

Is this YOUR year?

What would it feel like to increase your collections in the 2x, 3x, what about 5x??

Who is this for?

  • 'Bread and butter' general practices who already serve their patients well and just want to be more profitable without compromising care.
  • Dentists who are frustrated with slow to no growth and want to finally get results.
  • Owners who are fed up with the dental insurance game.
  • Anyone who want to reduce your stress at work and enjoy more time out of the office.
  • Practices that don't resonate with the message of being 'flashy', 'hard selling', 'boutique services only ' and just want to do more of the dentistry you love.
  • Dentists looking for a safe environment to learn and develop a master plan for your practice that gets results under the guidance and supervision of someone who does this for successful practice around the country.

See what these other dentists said:

Dr. David Phelps brags about Dr. Ginger Bratzel’s techniques and what she focuses on especially with dentists.

“This has been a tremendous event. For one thing, Ginger gives you the best marketing strategies. She’s worked with and studied with some of the very, very best and she helps dentists focus on the clarity of who they need to be marketing to.  The who, the what, and the why. Ginger really helps you get it done and shows you how you can have it done through other people, how to delegate so that you, the dentist, don’t have to go out and do it yourself. That’s the problem we have as dentists, we try to do too much. Ginger’s got the best event, if you want to blow your practice up in a tough economy, this is the place you want to be.”

David Phelps, DDS Dallas, TX

Dr. Robert Karr talks about his experience working with Dr. Ginger Bratzel at her Prosper In Your Practice Event and expresses his enthusiasm for the ideas that he has picked up and is excited and ready to take back to his own office.

“The flow of ideas not only from Ginger, but the group, have really generated new ideas and I can’t wait to implement those ideas when I get back in the office. Ginger’s been really great, she works with anyone. She has the ability to understand individuals and understand what their individual needs are.”

Robert Karr, DDS Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Dennis Nagel shares his eye opening experience and what he has learned from working with Dr. Ginger Bratzel.

“My experience here has been wonderful. Ginger really knows her stuff and I’ve been very impressed with what she has shown us and what she has gotten us to see for ourselves. And I’ve gotten strategies that I can take back to my office and use next week already, so I’m very grateful for that.”

Dennis Nagel, DDS Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Dennis Yossi and Jennifer Lemon talk about how working with Dr. Ginger Bratzel has really helped them to not just bring in patients, but more of the patients that they enjoy working with, as well as holding them accountable, which is really what is needed to make things happen.

“I’ve been practicing in Cedar Rapids, IA for about 33 years and have been a Mastermind Client of Ginger’s now for one full year. We find the experience here at this meeting is just awesome. It’s really full of content, stuff we can take right back to our office and implement right off the bat. Since we’ve been working with Ginger for this past year, we’re also getting re-introduced to things that maybe we’ve heard of awhile back, but maybe didn’t either understand or have time to implement yet. But second and third times through now, it’s really helping us out quite a bit to understand better strategies for marketing and really help to grow our practice. We’ve really expanded our knowledge of marketing, what to do, when to do it, and who – that’s the biggest thing, is the ‘who’.”

Dennis Yossi, DDS & Jennifer Lemon (Team Member) Cedar Rapids, IA

Here's your opportunity to attract and keep more patients that say YES to your treatment and gladly pay you for your services.

Growth and success aren’t created in a vacuum. It is a process of constant influx of new oxygen and new energy to keep you healthy and vibrant.

If you know my story, you know that I purchased a struggling practice in my...

hometown in New Mexico.   I invested time and energy into new equipment, new facility, advanced training with CE course after CE course with no improvement. All that was changed was that I raised overhead and squeezed my precious cash flow down to a trickle. That approach was not the answer.

After diving in and figuring out WHAT REALLY WORKS for practice growth, I went to town and I mastered the skills that I needed to attract and keep all the quality patients I needed for my practice to turn things around.

And I turned it around quickly. In a matter of 18 months of implementing the strategies and techniques I developed, I was able to take that struggling practice and increase in by 10 fold. That’s right…ten times. That’s another zero at the end and that was only the beginning.

From my results, I quickly had dentists from all around the country asking for my help to do the same thing in their own practice so they could enjoy that same level of growth. And that’s what I did. Now I work exclusively with dentists who are ready to have better practices faster and easier than they could ever imagine so they can enjoy life a lot more.

Imagine this.

  • How would it feel to not have to hustle every month to make sure you paid all your bills? What about the feeling of not worry about those ‘tight months’ again?
  • Imagine looking at your reports and see record months in this economy!
  • What would the security of a firm nest egg in the practice’s bank account mean so that you aren’t being forced to make decisions based on needing money and what the insurance companies or saying so you could really do what you wanted to do?
  • Imagine not being woken up at 3 a.m. from night sweats because you are worried about things at the office.

Your life would be COMPLETELY different.

You would be able to enjoy time in and out of the office without interruptions. You would have more sanity and less stress in what’s going on.

What about the confidence of knowing that your practice is consistently growing to support your life style while the rest of the dental world is telling stories of gloom and doom.

Invest 2 Days With Me Coaching You Directly FOR YOUR PRACTICE  In This Exclusive Small, Private Setting And I’ll Show You How To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever At …

The VIP Elite Private Coaching Weekend

What we'll work on for YOUR practice over those 2 days:

  •  How to get MORE of the right patients for your practice easier and faster.
  • Getting your TEAM on board.
  • The secrets to getting patients to stay with you longer, as opposed to taking what they need and leaving like bandits in the night.
  • SIX CRITICAL FACTORS you’ll add to your dental marketing to precisely target your best patients, while helping you make more money FAST
  • How to find quality team members and how to develop them so they support your vision for the practice.
  • Improving cash flow and your financial situation.  The process from start to finish.
  •   How to plug those “Holes in the Schedule” and make your time at the office more profitable.  End the feast or famine syndrome you’re currently experiencing (sucks, doesn’t it?) and create systems so that your marketing goes on AUTO PILOT, all year round, each and every year, completely effortlessly on your part.
  • Dramatically improve your case acceptance and getting more people scheduled for their treatment
  • Improving verbal skills without being 'a used car salesman' so patients say "YES"
  • Finding those wonderful quality patients who pay.  Learn how to separate yourself from the crowd so that price isn’t the determining factor for patients
  • The simple process that will help you finally figure out your own NICHE and expertise in you’re your local dental marketplace that will get you patients effortlessly.
  • And if you are getting towards the end of your practicing years, but you aren't in any hurry to retire,  how to get the most out of your ‘ last run’ so you can ‘retire when you want to retire’ and produce the most you have ever produced so you can put it away for your retirement plans

PLUS:  The benefit of being one of only a handful of practices in this small, private coaching environment to get a practice growth and patient attraction blueprint done by me, customized exclusively for your office.

VIP Weekends Are Held In Oklahoma City, OK

Upcoming dates:

August 28 and 29, 2015 SOLD OUT

October 16 and 17, 2015SOLD OUT

Click The Button Below to Request Information About The Next Meeting and See If You Qualify

Meeting times are 8:30-5 pm Friday and 9 am to 3 pm Saturday

I have reserved a small conference room for this event to limit the number of guests so I can give each practice time for one on one interaction  and give each attendee my personal attention.

This is your opportunity to pick my brain about your practice.

Here's what you can expect to receive with your registration:

  • Learning materials of "What's Working NOW!" with examples, templates, and ideas
  • Two days of semi-private, high attention interaction with me that is usually exclusive to my top tier, Coaching Clients
  • Proven strategies and techniques
  • Mastermind experience
  • Access to my Million Dollar Roladex
  • Lunch provided both days
  • Cocktail reception at the end of Day 1
  • Beverage break both days

Ginger, what's the investment?

It look me $500,000+ to develop and test all these strategies and techniques over the course of 10 years.

You don’t need to spend ½ a million dollars and decade to get this information.

You won’t have to pay $10,000 to get this level of access and laser focused attention. Not event $5,000.

You get your VIP access to this unprecedented private group weekend for a limited time at only of $2997 


  • The VIP access doesn't end at the event.

    How many times have you left a course, excited and ready to take on the world only to run into questions or concerns later and not be able to implement what you learned?

    I don’t want to happen, either.

    So that’s why I am including as a bonus, two (2) private ‘911’ Coaching Calls for you and I to work on anything that comes up. We will knock down any challenges that pop up and keep you on track.   ‘911’ Coaching Call Value ($499 each)


  • I believe in this event so much that I am willing to make sure it is worth your while.

    By guaranteeing that is going to be a practice changer. After working with me over the 2 days, if you aren’t completely blown away by the caliber of your experience, then walk up to us with integrity and ask us for a full refund and we will immediately return your entire seminar fee. I believe in what I do. I know what kind of change this makes in practices and I WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.


  • Here’s the deal

    Here’s the deal, since this will be a VERY small group environment with a limited number of attendees, you take the risk of us selling out. I told you; I want everyone to have time to work specifically on their practice and my personal attention. I will not be adding seats.

So you need to register NOW to save you spot.


  • To ensure that your practice get the most out of this experience

    To ensure that your practice gets the most out this experience, I am inviting you to bring a spouse or a key team member for low fee only $97 to just cover the learning materials cost. I find that practices that have both the doctor and a key team member get so much more out of their experience, implement faster, and get the quickest results because everyone gets on the same page quickly because I have the ability to coach them in person while they are there. If you are dedicated to making this year your year, then plan to bring your key person with you.

Here's The Recap:

  • Small group, high access coaching weekend with me.
  • Step by step process custom tailored for your practice to attract more patients, keep more patients, and grow your practice in 2015
  • Laser focused, proven training of ‘what is working right now’ to shortcut the process to get you to your desired results quicker and faster than you could ever do alone.
  • Bonus of 2 Private ‘911’ Coaching Calls with me after the event to overcome any obstacles and keep you on track
  • Bonus ticket to add a key team member or spouse for only $97
  • Best practices to get you to your goal faster
  • Support of community of advancing dentists committed to growth
  • The best small group experience in the dental world guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for?  Go and sign up right now!

Success rarely happens without strategic planning and laser focus insight.

How would you like to get to your ultimate goal? More patients, more collections, less stress…faster and easier than doing it alone.

This is your year.  See you at the next workshop in Oklahoma City,