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Here's What You Will Create

  • The Secret Sauce to have a unique advantage in your area to magnetically attract more patients.
  • Ability to convert more patients and get more return on your marketing investment.
  • Control of your schedule and your production.

What People Are Saying About Training With Ginger

Betty Ann and Dr. Fred Van Istendal, Marlton NJ

“I like Ginger’s hands-on approach to all her trainings, I think it’s very important.  It’s more of a student/teacher approach and I can relate to that and learn from that.  I enjoy how Ginger structures her lessons and how they are chunked into sections to make it easy.  They are super great and I’ve learned a lot from her.” –

Betty Ann and Dr. Fred Van Istendal, Marlton NJ Marlton, NJ
Katrina Rice

“I love Ginger’s step by step aspect with the training videos.  It’s still nice to have each lesson to go back and look at as a refresher when it need it.  Keeps me organized to get results”.

Katrina Rice Cedar Rapids, IA

Training System:  A to Z

In Module 1 we set up the framework for all your marketing.  You start by building the foundation first and adding the 'fancy' later.  This is where you get the secret sauce to get in your prospects' head and understand them without any doubt.

Individual Lessons In This Module

  • Gathering Intel
  • Positioning Your Practice
  • Growth

Module 2 is the meat of the program.  We dive into actually getting things done.  Where you will implement ideas and strategies, create campaigns, then piece it all together to fill your schedule.

Individual Lessons In This Module

  • Marketing Foundation
  • Parts Of Marketing
  • Student Of Marketing
  • Internal Marketing

Module 3 brings everything full circle.  Where you will focus on systems and follow up.  There's some good stuff in here!  You will learn everything you need to increase your conversion and get your return on investment.

Individual Lessons In This Module

  • Setting Up For Success
  • Multi-Step Marketing
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What You Get

  • The Complete Full Schedule Formula System
  • Instant Access: 100% Online
  • 15+ Training Videos
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files and Slides
  • 8 Resource and Worksheets

Your Bonuses

I added this Bonus because you went to school to be a dentist, not to be a computer wiz.  So I’m going to give you the tools and resources to get it all done.  I’m giving you the actual resources I have used throughout this program and actually show you how to use them yourself. No learning curve-just ACTION!  This will be an invaluable resource for you to reference over and over again throughout your marketing journey.

I added this special Bonus because I didn’t want to give you this wonderful program and send you on your way with no follow up.  So you will get access to a private strategy call directly with me, Dr. Ginger.  This is your opportunity to strategize and explore specific opportunities for your unique practice to optimize your growth.

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30 Day Guarantee

If you do the work, show me your results, and if it doesn't work for you, I'll give you a refund.  Simple as that.

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